Monday, November 03, 2008

Google vote map wins 3 to 1, but I'll had to drive 3 hours

Apparently "Pulaski" is a common Ukrainian name, and they like to put American Citizens Clubs on streets with that name.

I saw Scott Hanselmans's tweet about Google's 2008 US Voter Info map.

For the heck of it, I tried my current address and 3 places I used to live, one of which being the town of Cohoes, outside of Albany NY (the capital city, in what is considered to be upstate NY).

Google suggested that I drive 170 mi to the Ukrainian American Citizens Club on Pulaski Avenue in Staten Island. Interestingly, the place I *did* vote 4 years ago was the Ukrainian American Citizens Club on Pulaski Street in Cohoes, NY. They had the right place, (almost) the right street name, just the wrong city.

It's a good thing I moved, or I'd have to forfeit my vote as the absentee ballot probably wouldn't get there in time.

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