Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome: Shiny, new and very cool

I just finished reading the 38 page comic style technical overview book on Chrome.  They implemented some pretty interesting things.  Of definite interest is the process isolation used to separate the tab and plugin processes.  As a GMail user, I notice the performance affects on the other tabs when I'm running GMail.  Also, with the bloated Flash and PDF plugins, it seems that so many page loads just bog everything down.  It will be interesting to see what the performance is like with Chrome.  

Other particularly interesting features are the "incognito" mode tab that does not log any history and the new-from-scratch javascript engine/virtual machine they are calling V8.

A couple things I've already noticed that I'm a little dissappointed with: There doesn't seem to be an automatic spell check like Mozilla has, and the zoom feature is only a text size changer, not a natural zoom like Opera or the latest Mozilla.  Perhaps they are still working on that.

Despite being currently beta, as are so many of Goggle's applications, it's pretty fair to say that it's still better than many other applications.  Being open source, it will be fun to see all the projects that spin off from the various pieces that make up this new browser.

I'm definately going to give Chrome a whirl and see how my web experience changes.  And of course, now I need to test all my web applications to see if they behave!

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