Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ubuntu Adventures: WP/mysql/smbfs

Captains Log: 14 May 2008

Tonight I continued my experiments with Linux.

I managed to install mysql-server although I haven't yet gotten any databases set up yet. I also installed WordPress but also don't have that running yet.

The bigger achievement was getting the Linux box to see the file shares on my HP MediaVault NAS box. I found the HP instructions for doing this and had a go. I tried mounting it using NFS but it didn't seem to want to do anything. So I ended up installing Samba ("apt-get install smbfs"). Then I was able to mount using smb. After finding instructions on how to set up the credentials bit of it, I was able to configure the /etc/fstab file to provide automatic mounting of the NAS shares. Very cool.

In retrospect, I think NFS might work. I realized after smb failed the first time that the NetBios name of the box was resolving. I did a quick ping test, and saw a reply but I didn't even look at the reply details long enough to realize what happened. My ISP has recently started replying to all unresolved DNS names with some crummy parking page on their servers. It's screwed me up more than once. Some of my machine names don't resolve like they used to.

One of my secondary goals (if possible) is to be able to put the subversion repositories on the NAS box instead of on the linux server itself so I have some level of hardware redundancy (the NAS is set up with a mirrored volume set at the moment). I think that by default subversion uses Berkeley DB as the repository data store but you can change that to use just the file system. If BDB can't be used over a smbfs (which I suspect it can't) then I'll try a file system based repository which hopefully will work. If neither work, then I guess I'll just have to create a cron job (another learning curve) to regularly backup the repo data stores to the NAS.

One step at a time.

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