Saturday, May 03, 2008

Finding myself

I've struggled for many years finding and/or creating a digital identity for myself. I've never had a catchy screen name or hacker name or handle or whatever you want to call it. I'm not creative in that way. The creativity I do posses is with solving tangible problems in both tactile and abstract domains. I enjoy handyman type work, do woodworking as a hobby and of course, I work as a software developer so I'm constantly coming up with solutions to technology challenges. But I'm simply no good at coming up with things out of thin air. That's why I don't dance, draw or partake in other activities that I'd generally classify as visual art. It usually requires some form of inspiration from a greater force which I lack. My inspiration comes from the problems that need to be solved. (I suppose this is probably true for most technologists.)

So anyway, I've found it rather difficult to come up with a name to use for my internet presence or for this blog. Once, my sister said "You're the biggest geek dork I know." So, still lacking a name different than that given to me while still tethered to my mother's womb, I went and registered This certainly fits my general self classification as a geek and dork but it just feels a tad too sophomoric. I've tried a few names similar to those I've seen on other's blogs, but I hate the feeling of being a sheep just following the shepherds . But like I have stressed, I just don't have what it takes to make up something good.

Despite all this, for some reason, yesterday the phrase "compiled thoughts" popped into my head. It sounded like a good blog title and certainly reflects the whole notion of today's trend of aggregating ones mental randomness and uploading it to the likes of blogs, twitter, or what-have-you. I did some googling and found very little use of those words together outside of discussions on writing. I figured that the domain name "" must be taken, but to my surprise, it was not so I grabbed it.

I've pointed the domain at this blog for now and renamed it accordingly. However, I still don't have a "name" for myself, per se. At this point I guess I'll just keep using my real name, it's boring but easy to remember. At least now I have a title for the blog that I actually like. Plus, it sounds mildly intellectual.

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Unknown said...

If visual design skills were a requirement to be a developer I would be horribly unemployed!

Anyway, just wanted to drop by and tell you nice job on the domain selection, I like it.