Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old hardware + young kid = tearful parent

It all started with Alex. A few days ago my friend Alex asked me if my web sites were still down. You see, I host a couple of web sites on an old machine at home. It's mostly just personal stuff but there's some (very little really) professionally relevant content on one of the sites. Unfortunately, the machine is starting to break down. The fan squeaks and rattles on occasion, I've had a hard drive inexplicably fail and then return to life and the board is just old and slow for what I need it to do. Despite this, yesterday morning I turned the server back on.

Some time in the middle of the morning I remembered that I wanted to check to see if the machine had actually gotten up and running, so I hit the sites on it, one of which is my personal photo browser. In doing this, I started browsing early photos of my son. Then the Dan Fogelberg song "Longer" popped into my head. So I downloaded the MP3 from the music collection also hosted on this box at home. I listened to it a few times and got to thinking about my kid. I can't say that I've ever been a particularly emotional person, but it's amazing what a kid will do to you. I'm fortunate to have a private office tucked away in a quiet hallway.

So yesterday evening, after putting Spencer to bed, I put this together:

Now I just need to put this video into a digital photo frame that I can hang above Spencer's time out chair to help dissipate the frustration a 2-year-old can create.

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