Thursday, January 17, 2008

Side gig: Wrox book Technical Editor

My friend in Holland, Imar Spaanjaars is putting the finishing touches on a new book Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 : in C# and VB.

I took on the role of Lead Technical Editor. It was a tough and time consuming but rewarding process. I learned about some of the new features that Microsoft has released with ASP.NET 3.5, notably LINQ. It also gave me a chance to play in an environment that I don't usually use, the Express editions of the Visual Studio product family. I also used some of the controls that were introduced with 2.0 that I don't normally use but probably should.

Mostly, this project gave me a chance to work closely with Imar (as much as you can with an ocean between you). I have known him for many years from our existence on the Wrox p2p forums and had the fine opportunity to visit him in Holland while I was on a business trip. When he's not off writing a book we have the occasional technical chat on IM and I think we both get a lot from it. It was nice to work on an official project with him despite it not involving any actual software development.

Overall a worthwhile experience, although it will be nice to have some time off before the next extracurricular project. I know that he'll be ecstatic when it's finished.

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