Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another yearly post

Well, it's been another whole year (+1 day) since I posted here. "What's been going on", you are no doubt wondering. Well...

The year has changed. That's right it's 2008 now! Time to buy another calendar.

The new job is going well. I started working for Thomson Delmar Learning in November last year. Then Thomson sold us to a private holdings company and we assumed the new identity of Cengage Learning. I still have a job, that is good. But even if I didn't have this one any more I am not too worried as there are plenty of jobs for .NET developers in my area. (I silently wonder if I shouldn't be gazing out at more luscious pastures...) I like my job though so in the off chance anyone I work with is reading this (unlikely) don't be worried. Despite all the changes ensuing after the company's sale not much has changed in my little world which incidentally is that of Chilton Automotive. I'm in charge of three main web product sites:, and It's interesting work and a good place to be. It's a 10 minute walk from my house so I haven't driven to work in nearly 14 months which is very nice.

Spencer is now 2 and being a 2 year old. We have been fortunate and he has not had any major problems aside from the occasional diaper rash and minor cold. He sleeps well, eats OK and is pretty happy most of the time, mostly to the credit of his mother.

Aside from that it's pretty much the status quo here. There are a few more things that I'll discuss in other posts.

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