Monday, June 27, 2005

web.config Intellisense

A recent CodeProject article discusses Howto: Enable Intellisense Support for Configuration Files In VS.NET 2003.

Seems to work pretty well and I can see how the same technique could be applied to custom XML files in applications. The one problem I found seems to be that the XSD provided with the article download doesn't appear to support the tag of the config. I couldn't find it in anywhere in the XSD and unfortunately my XSD skills aren't so great otherwise I'd fix it. I may try at some point once I get some more understanding of building XSDs.


It turns out the article's comments section had some suggestions on fixing the element problem. So I did some reading and tweaked the XSD. It seems to now validate properly with elements where they are allowed. You can download my modified XSD here:

Another update (6/27):

Apparently, putting that xmlns attribute in the element of a web.config causes it to break. There was no mention of this in anything I read about it. It makes intellisense work when it's there and used in Visual Studio, but completely seizes the application. Not such a good thing.

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