Monday, May 23, 2005

Arrived in Belgium

I got into Gent, Belgium this morning for a one week visit for the European user group conference I'm attending and presenting at for work. The express flight was a little late getting to Newark, NJ so I had to rush to make the connection. Then, of course, we sat at the gate for at least 30 minutes then took a good while to get off the ground. Didn't leave there till an hour after the planned pushback. So we arrived late but it didn't really matter because we didn't have anything scheduled for when we got here.

Somehow I left home without the data cable for the camera I brought so I can't get any good pictures online till after I get home. But I have my camera phone (with infrared transfer) so I could at least get something.

View from the hotel window. The building next door blocks the side of the train station overpass that leads into the main square of Gent.

I walked into the train station and around almost every corner is some stand or shop that sells "Warme Waffles". The whole place smelled of them which made me very hungry. However, I can't eat until dinner later on with a contact of ours here. I'm definately going to have to see about getting a waffle for dessert (apparently that's how it works).

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