Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stupid Bosses (Not Mine)

As a member and moderator on the Wrox/Wiley Publishing programmer to programmer forums, I see lots of silly or simple questions. This is no surprise and expectable when so many people come to the forums as new programmers. However, sometimes after some additional prodding (like asking "Why are you doing is this way instead of that?" I'll learn that they are doing something the way they are "because that's how my boss wants me to do it". It also seems that the way the boss wants it done is rediculously idiotic. A recent thread in an ASP.NET forum led me to learn that the programmer is manually writing out HTML instead of using a DataGrid control because the boss has some kind of weird problem with the built-in .NET controls.

How the HELL does this happen? Who the hell are the bosses that think this way? This boss in particular has made a decision that makes about as much sense as buying a car and choosing not to drive but to push it instead. S/he is costing their company time and money by forcing the programmer to do a hell of a lot more work than is necessary!

I am a technology person. It happens that my boss is as well. He still programs while he manages the other developers. He understands the capabilities of the technologies we use if not all of the nitty gritty details of how to implement them. Implementation is my job. I build things the best way I can, by utilizing the resources and tools available. He lets me use the tools I need (where availability and money allow). But somewhere out in the corporate world, there is are bosses who are total idiots and are making their employees jobs a complete pain in the ass while being a detriment to their companies.

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